About Jassim Almuttawa

Inspired the world

Jassim AlMuttawa was established for more than thirty years in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is still a wide reputation and roots in the GCC. The institution has the beginnings of a small carpentry workshop in the Eighties, and that meet the needs of clients with small. the institution began working in the specialty of carpentry. Tracking the institution is always a simple principle and to be different from the others.

This was the institution one of the first institutions and companies for the manufacture of furniture with solid wood. The quality revolution in the Kingdom of the sector growth is unprecedented in the region, has helping to founded institution Jassim AlMuttawa. Their services include school furniture, furniture health centers, office furniture, laboratory furniture, home furnishings, curtains and upholstery. And we are partners for government and private sectors .

Institution Background

How we start?

Jassim AlMuttawa was founded to meet the needs of the furniture market in the early eighties and the institution has come a long way in establishing a niche market for themselves. Mr. Jassim Al-Muttawa, who is the owner, founder and president, responsible for the operation of the institution. And the institution employs workers specialize in carpentry, interior decoration, lap furniture, school furniture and hospital furniture . And the office of the institution and factory located in Riffa.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be perceived as a major retail store, the private sector and government and that what is needed to provide solutions to office.

Our Mission

The institution aims to make itself a private institution limited and meet more customers in the private sector and government, and provide high quality services and efficiencies to the consumer.

Goals and objectives

  • performance-based rewards for staff to ensure that the motivation in the workplace.
  • increase the range of retail furniture business to meet the growing demand for the consumer.
  • maintain the high quality of service standard for customers.
  • limiting the extent of default and interest in response to customer complaints.
  • adherence to safety measures, in order to maintain the integrity of the staff.
  • The institution aims to take advantage of advanced production techniques to reduce reliance on human capital and also to make operations more efficient and accurate.

About The Founder

Mr. Jassim started making furniture for more than thirty years old when he did not find develop in this industry in the region and he had vision, making him a seasoned player in the market as it is today. Foundation has taken long strides in reaching this point. The Foundation import of raw materials and goods from different regions of the world, mostly from China, Spain, Malaysia, Germany, the Foundation also has warehouses in various parts of the Kingdom in addition to the factory and showroom in the city of Riffa. The Corporation has more than forty staff members from various nationalities.

Mr. Jassim represented his institution in many exhibitions in different parts of the Kingdom. Within thirty years, the institution has a lot of customers, including the Ministry of Education, health centers, institutions and commercial banks. And where is one of the leading institutions in the Kingdom.